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How to Add Music to Your Whole Carmel, Indiana Home

The Premier Group is a Whole House Music Installer to Immerse You in Sound

How to Add Music to Your Whole Carmel, Indiana Home

If you are fond of music you might add a couple nice speakers to your house, but if you’re a fanatic, you’re going to need more—more speakers, more power, more music options and a sophisticated system to control everything. That is where we come in. If you’re an audiophile and only want the best of the best audio equipment, or if you simply want a multi-room music system to party in every room, The Premier Group can install the right whole house music system that meets your needs and your budget. Here are some ways we can add music to every space in your Carmel, Indiana home.

TAGS: House Music Streaming | Music Streaming | Whole Home Audio

Home Theater System Essentials for the Indiana Homeowner

A Premier Group Guide to a Home Theater Installation

Home Theater System Essentials for the Indiana Homeowner

So you love movies, sports, games, and anything involving a relaxing night in with a big bowl of popcorn at your side. Well, this blog is for you – film critics and entertainment enthusiasts. The experts at The Premier Group know how to make your home entertainment experience bigger and better with a new home theater system installed in your Indianapolis, Indiana home. Here are three of our must-have recommendations to get you started:

TAGS: Home Theater | Home Theater Installation

New and Improved Security Cameras

Add the Latest Security and Surveillance Solutions to Your Indiana Home

New and Improved Security Cameras

The world of technology is always delivering new and improved security and surveillance products for the modern home. Today’s security cameras deliver vivid color, a crystal clear picture, and wireless access. You can even talk to some of them! The team at The Premier Group would love to help you choose the right products while following your budget. Whether you simply want a couple cameras in your Carmel, Indiana home for a baby monitor or pet cam, or if you want a complete surveillance and security system to keep an eye on your entire property and protect all your valuables, we provide solutions that meet all of your needs. A smart home is a safe home.

TAGS: Home Security | Security Cameras

Experience the Benefits of an Automated Shade Installation

Discover all the Possibilities of having QMotion Technology in Your Carmel, IN Home

Experience the Benefits of an Automated Shade Installation

QMotion’s award-winning automated shades are a quick and easy way to incorporate smart home technology into your Carmel, Indiana home. They run on battery power and have patented features you won’t find elsewhere. Not only will you reap big benefits when we install QMotion, but also you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to accenting and enhancing your home’s décor.

TAGS: Automated Shades | Motorized Draperies | QMotion | Roller Shades