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7 Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Indiana Home

Use These Tips to Enhance Your Indianapolis Property

7 Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Indiana Home

Have you taken a good look at how you use the lights in your home and whether or not they meet all of your daily needs? Homeowners sometimes dont know what theyre missing until they see whats available. Smart bulbs and automated controls are some of the best ways to control your lighting. There are many ways you can improve how your lighting looks and operates—from affordable and quick fixes to more expansive installations. Read our blog to discover a multitude of ways you can enhance your home with lighting control

TAGS: Automation | Lighting | Lighting Control

5 Smart Home Features to Attract Home Buyers

Increase Your Property’s Value with Automation

5 Smart Home Features to Attract Home Buyers

Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell homes, a builder creating new residences, or a couple trying to sell their property it’s always a good idea to consider different ways to attract home buyers. In the past, smart home automation was only enjoyed by a select few. However, builders and real estate companies are starting to realize the advantages of upgrading homes with automation in order to sell properties fast for top dollar. In this blog, we highlight the main features of a smart home that will help you sell an Indianapolis-area residence quicker and easier. 

TAGS: Home Automation | New Homes | Smart Home Automation

Build Beautiful Indiana Homes by Partnering with an Audio/Video & Home Automation Installer

Why Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers Need an Integrator at Their Side

Build Beautiful Indiana Homes by Partnering with an Audio/Video & Home Automation Installer

When you are constructing a brand new home, whether it’s in Fishers, Indiana or anywhere in the Indianapolis area, you have an opportunity to install premier (pun intended) audio video that future homeowners will value. Young couples and growing families want high-tech homes--from home theaters with surround sound to outdoor audio. But when you start building a house, do you consider hiring an audio video installer with networking and automation experience to ensure the smart systems will work properly and look stylish? Here are some reasons why working with The Premier Group is a smart idea. 

TAGS: Home Automation | New Construction

A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Locks

Keep Your Family Safe with Security and Surveillance Solutions

A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Locks

Most people think that the first line of defense in protecting your home is the security alarm. However, you want to prevent strangers from coming inside your home in the first place. Today’s door locks can be very strong, but what happens if someone forgets to lock them? Or, what do you do if you have a visitor stopping by and need to let them inside? Smart locks give you full, remote access to securing every entry to your home and also the convenience of not having to manage keys. Keep reading this blog to learn more about adding smart locks to your security and surveillance plan. 

TAGS: Home Automation | Home Security